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Don't Have Time To Replace Leaky Faucets?

//Don’t Have Time To Replace Leaky Faucets?

Don’t Have Time To Replace Leaky Faucets?

Leaky faucets are probably the number one on our “Honey Do List” that never quite gets taken care of. We lead very busy lives going from work to kids activities, grocery shopping, and a million other things that use up our time and prevent us from taking care of our leaky faucet problems.

As many other services that we hire out in order to give ourselves more time, this should be one to consider.  We hire services to clean our home, walk our dogs and deliver our groceries, why not hire a professional plumbing service to replace your leaky faucet and cross it off your list?  Allowing a leaky faucet to be unattended for long periods of time can cause serious water damage.

Here are 5 common signs you need to repair your leaky faucet:

1. Water Leaking From Base of Fixture

Is there water coming out from around the base of the fixture? This could be a sign that your faucet isn’t just leaky; it might also be broken. Check for cracks or warps along the base. If you don’t see any try gently moving the faucet. Your faucet should stay in place. If it’s moving around, it could be loose or it could be broken.  Call a professional plumber to come replace it correctly.

2. Nothing Happens When Twisting Handle

Does nothing happen when you twist the handle on your faucet? It’s possible that the handle is stripped. A stripped handle will turn, but because it doesn’t have proper contact with the stem it will fail to turn the water on or off.  This is a normal incident that happens with regular use. Consider calling a professional plumber to replace your fixture handle.

3. Pink Slime

If you find pink or black “slimy” substance around your faucet or your sink drain, chances are you have a leaky faucet that needs to be replaced. Mold spreads very easily and is incredibly damaging to your home. Replacing a leaky faucet is just one more line of defense to keep your pipes healthy.

4. Pipe Corrosion

Corrosion is unavoidable most of the time. Given enough time and usage, water will eventually break down metal. If you notice any rust colored patches it’s time to replace your leaky faucet.  If you have too much to do, leave this task to a professional plumber.

5. Hairline Fractures

Hairline fractures shouldn’t be ignored because they are more susceptible to water’s corrosive effects.  An ignored hairline fracture can become a destructive pipe burst and cause hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage.

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