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What To Do When Your Home Pipes Burst

//What To Do When Your Home Pipes Burst

What To Do When Your Home Pipes Burst

Although pipe bursts are more common during the winter, they can occur when you least expect them!  It can be nerve-racking to see water bursting into your home and not knowing what to do before calling a plumber for repair.  Here are some tips we teach our customers to do before we arrive at their home for repair.

1. Remain Calm

It’s important that you take a deep breath and make sure that you follow these steps in order to avoid further water damage to your home.

2. Turn Main Water Source Off

This is something that many people do not even know where that is located.  Take the time to find this out before any pipe issues occur. You can ask your landscape service person when they come to blow out your sprinkler system or turn on the sprinkler system on.  If you just bought a home, ask your real estate agent to show you the location of main water valve or consult your home buyer’s guide if it contains a map that indicates the main water line valve. It is important to know how to turn off the main water source in the event of a pipe burst.

3. Drain Water

After you turn off the main water line, run the faucets and flush toilets to avoid having water drain into your home instead of draining into the plumbing system.  Keep the amount of water wasted, down to a low.

4. Clean Up Water

Keep your home safe by cleaning any excess water on the floors.  Not only does it protect people from slipping and falling, but it prevents the water from warping and damaging any floors, whether they are wooden, linoleum or tile.   Make sure you wear gloves and protective eyewear if you see or smell raw sewage.

5. Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company

If you are going to file any claims for damage with your homeowner’s insurance company, you will need to call them and have them guide you on how to process any claims that need to be filed.  They will also inform you on how to make payments for repairs. Make sure you provide them with the name and number of your professional plumbing service.

6. Take Pictures

Your insurance company will want to see the damage before it is fixed.  Take pictures of the damage for visual evidence to back up your claims. Record any damage and actions that happened prior to the pipes bursting.  

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