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How to Solve Summer Plumbing Problems

//How to Solve Summer Plumbing Problems

How to Solve Summer Plumbing Problems

We all look forward to summer for relaxation and fun.  Did you know that your plumbing system can cause a lot of issues during the warmer months?  Here are some of the most common plumbing problems that often happen during the summer.

1. Sprinkler Systems

When the heat starts to scorch your lawn as the weather gets warmer, you want to make sure that before you turn on your sprinkler system, that you inspect and clean the heads.  Automatic sprinklers can show signs of wear and tear after a cold winter.  When mowing your lawn, be cognizant of your sprinkler heads so that you do not damage them. Check your hoses for small leaks that will waste water when you most need it over the summer.

2. Garbage Disposals

Summer means barbecues, family movie nights and eating summer fruit like watermelon.  Most garbage disposal clogs are caused by inserting the wrong types of food down the drain for your disposal to grind up.  Unfortunately, foods like corn cobs, bones, even unpopped popcorn kernels can cause detriment to your garbage disposal and can end up costing you a pretty penny to get it repaired.  Dispose of hard fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon or corn cobs in the garbage can instead.  Frying oils should be disposed of by placing in a disposable container and into the garbage can instead of pouring down the drain which can cause great clogging. Run cold water through your garbage disposal for about 10-15 seconds after it has been used to avoid blockage.

3. Washing Machines

When kids are out of school during the summer, they play more and get clothes dirty more often which means that the washing machine is working overtime.  Avoid drain blockage by doing small loads and make sure that pockets are empty before putting clothes in the washing machine.  Check the hoses regularly to ensure they do not have any kinks since it is common for machines to shift slightly during washing loads.

4. Toilets

Again, summer means kids are home more often and toilets are used more.  Not to mention the occasional, dropping something in the toilet that was not supposed to be dropped, or too much toilet paper after each use.  Any of these scenarios can cause toilet blockage and could potentially be costly if not treated correctly or quickly.

5. Shower or Bathtub Drains

Summer trips to the beach can be fun and full of family memories.  Let’s make sure that those memories stay fun memories by rinsing off any sand, pebbles or seashells before jumping in the shower or bathtub.  This can be done in the public showers at the beach.  Take off the sandy swimsuit before jumping in the shower and keep an eye on the drain to ensure its draining correctly.

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