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Summer Water Saving Tips

//Summer Water Saving Tips

Summer Water Saving Tips

Summer fun can be put to a halt super quick if we start having plumbing issues or water problems.  If you follow our plumbing tips and do a little planning, we can save you the hassle and some money along the way.

Water Heaters

Checking the water heater and hot water supply can help you save money.  Ensure the temperature is lowered to around 120 F. Not too low, but a few degrees will shave a little something off the utility bills and help offset the seasonal increase in electricity usage.

Swimming Pools

Nothing is more fun in the sun than having your swimming pool ready and functional.  Be sure and schedule routine maintenance a couple of weeks in advance of the hot days of summer. Your plumber can help check your lines, drains, pumps, and tubing.

Water Usage

If you have been keeping tabs of your water bills, you will have noticed that water usage typically increases in the summer months. Check all appliances and fixtures for leaks and overall condition.

Sewer Lines

If you have trees close to your home, have your sewer lines checked before the season starts. Tree roots will actually tend to grow towards a leaking or cracked sewer line in order to feed on the nutrients.  Shifting ground and growing roots can be a real problem for your sewer lines.

Sump Pumps

If you have a sump pump, make sure it’s in top condition to be ready for any strong summer storms that may blow your way.

Capturing Rainwater

Rainwater sources are a fantastic economical and sustainable way to keep your lawn and garden watered throughout those scorching summer months. Consider asking your plumber about a system to capture grey water or rainwater. Some of these systems cost next to nothing and nearly all of them will pay for themselves quickly.

Garden Hoses

Disconnect your garden hoses when not in use and store them properly. Make sure the hose ends are pointed down.

Drain Spouts/Gutters

Always check drain spouts and gutters to ensure they are clean and free of blockages.

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