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Temperatures are dropping and winter is fast approaching.  It is easy to build a fire in the fireplace or turn the heat up to keep us warm but what we do not realize is that our house requires some home maintenance that will keep you and your family warm and comfortable during the cold months to come.  In order to help you out, we want to provide you with some tips you can do to keep you warm and safe during winter.

We wanted to provide some tips to help you keep your home prepared for the cold season and make it a warm and cozy place without the expensive cost and waste of energy.

Check Your Thermostat

Make sure your heating system is working effectively in your entire house.  A faulty thermostat can cause you unnecessary money as well as wasting energy.  Have a professional come out and check your thermostat on a yearly basis to ensure its working properly.

Area Rugs

Placing area rugs strategically in rooms where you do not have carpet, like kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, help you feel warmer and prevent you from cranking the heat and wasting energy.

Ceiling Fans

Did you know that you can still use your ceiling fan during the winter time?  Most people do not know that if you reverse your ceiling fan in the winter, it reduces heating costs.  Running the fan in reverse at low speed will move the air billowing near the ceiling down into the rest of the room.  Heat rises, so the reversed fan will help disburse that heat throughout the room instead of keeping it up by the ceiling.  Who knew!!


You want to make sure your pipes are properly insulated so they do not freeze in the cold weather. Keep your heat up and make sure your walls are well insulated so your pipes aren’t in a cold environment. You can also install additional insulation around the pipes for added protection. On especially cold nights, you can keep your pipes at a slow drip to prevent freezing.  You can also call a professional plumber to give you some tips or help you with winterizing your pipes.

Water Heaters

Performing water heater maintenance will ensure that you have hot water all winter long. If your water heater cannot handle the demand of the cold weather, you could be without hot water you need to cook, clean, or bathe. Check all pipes and valves for leaks and inspect the tank for any rust or corrosion. You should also flush out the tank to get rid of any sediment and get it working more effectively. If your water doesn’t feel warm enough for your winter needs, you can adjust the temperature by a few degrees.


If you use a chimney, you should have it inspected annually to ensure it is clean, clear of blockage, and safe to use.

Making changes throughout your entire home can help ensure that your home is safe and protected for the winter, and you, your family, and your guests are warm and comfortable.  Contacting Bredahl Plumbing can help you get started in winterizing your home.

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