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Solve all your plumbing issues with Bredahl Plumbing Inc. We help homeowners and business owners with all their plumbing needs. We offer full-service plumbing solutions, including plumbing construction, plumbing repair, plumbing maintenance, and new plumbing installations. From minor leaks to complete plumbing system remodeling, our experienced plumbers assist with all of the plumbing services. Contact Bredahl Plumbing Inc. today for more information about our full-service plumbing solutions. Give us a call at 763-424-2646 now to speak to our team and schedule a plumbing service for your home or office!

When Should I Call A Professional Plumber?

Bredahl Plumbing Inc. recommends conducting a simple initial plumbing inspection by walking through your home to look for leaks, turn the water on to check the watercolor, checking water pressure, and checking the overall quality of your plumbing pipes for corrosion or cracks. If you notice any of these signs, contact Bredahl Plumbing Inc. for a thorough plumbing inspection. We offer yearly maintenance programs to help identify plumbing issues before they become major, costly problems. Just search “plumber near me” to get started.

When you have a burst, cracked, leaking pipe, call Bredahl Plumbing Inc.  for fast and reliable gas and water pipe repairs. Our licensed plumbers will ensure that your home doesn’t suffer unnecessary damage from broken pipes or that gas pipes don’t become a hazard to your family.

The plumbers at Bredahl Plumbing Inc., are trained to fit the pipes perfectly so that there’s no leaking from the fitting. A water, gas or oil leak might also occur from a break in the line in an area other than the fitting, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location without the experience and tools necessary to locate the leak.

Low water pressure in your house can mean weak showers and waiting forever to fill your soup pot. High water pressure in your house can waste water and damage your plumbing. Bredahl Plumbing Inc., Maple Grove can help regulate your water pressure. Call us today.

RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) tester calibration is recommended on an annual basis and by an accredited entity. Bredahl Plumbing Inc., has the certified technicians to provide you with an accurate RPZ testing. Set an appointment with us today to get your RPZ tested.

If your water heater is outdated, damaged, or otherwise inefficient, it could be a big waste of water and energy. We’ve been repairing or replacing inefficient and broken water heaters for decades. Call Bredahl Plumbing Inc., Maple Grove Today!

Kitchen and bathroom renovations often require plumbing work. Bredahl Plumbing Inc., has over 35 years of residential plumbing and remodel experience. Give the experts a call for your next bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Many things can go wrong with your toilet. Whether water slowly trickles from the tank into the bowl causing constant tank filling, the water level assembly malfunctions, or the toilet drain clogs, there are many problems that can arise. Call Bredahl Plumbing Inc., Minnesota for a free estimate.

When your soft water turns to hard water you need professional help. Call your trusted plumbing technicians at Bredahl Plumbing Inc., to provide you with courteous, trustworthy and professional service. Give us a call today.

The plumbing in dental offices has unique circumstances and requires a complex plumbing strategy. This has to be done strategically to ensure cleanliness and regulation. Let Bredahl Plumbing Inc. make sure your dental plumbing is installed the right way.

Plumbing install should be done right the first time. It doesn’t matter if the problem is sewage, drainage, or freshwater, we have it covered. We at Bredahl Plumbing Inc. are here to handle all your plumbing installation needs.

An extra level of safety and regulation is required when hooking up a gas appliance. With 35 years of experience, Bredahl Plumbing Inc. is the best in the business. Count on us to provide you with trustworthy service.

Garbage disposal services combine electrical and plumbing components, which require experienced technicians. Bredahl Plumbing Inc. is equipped to handle everything. For more information about our services, contact us today.

It is important to take special care of spigots because they are exposed to a variety of conditions. Having these installed on your property can be beneficial in many ways. Let us help you with the installation today.

A sump pump is an essential part of any property. Essentially, it drains the building’s excess water to prevent water damage. Whether you need a sump pump installed or repaired, Bredahl Plumbing Inc. can do it.

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